Patrick Spencer

Cork Forest Conservation Alliance

Patrick Spencer is the founder and executive director of the Cork Forest Conservation Alliance,(CFCA). He has a degree in Environmental Sciences and has had a career in the food and wine industry as sustainability coordinator. The CFCA is located in Salem, Oregon in the heart of Oregon's Pinot Noir producing region. The long term goals for the CFCA are to establish a filed office in Spain and to produce the cork forest eco-tours in all 7 cork producing countries.

Patrick will be delivering a talk with the conference programme titled:

From Bark To Bottle, Cork Forest Eco-Tour

Cork and wine have had a singular relationship for over 2 centuries, but little is known about cork forests, their culture, gastronomy and forestry. This presentation will describe this," first of its kind", eco-tour, of Spain's cork forests that immerses each traveler in the wines, food, culture and forestry of these regions.

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