Anthony Swift

Wine Pleasures

Born in the UK and lived in Cornwall until it was time to start University. Studied for 3 different qualifications. Geography and Biology first. Then Descriptive & Applied Linguistics and finally Marketing & Business Administration. Went into the Training and Consultancy business and have lived and worked in Kuwait, Finland, Sweden, UK & Spain.

In Spain have lived in Madrid, Barcelona, Sitges and now in the High Penedès.So how did I get into the wine tourism business? Well once installed in a new house in the High Penedès I soon discovered that there were wonderful wines and wineries to visit but little tourism. So I made a low budget market research to see if it would be feasable to set up a business offering wine tasting tours – and hey Wine Pleasures was born.

I’m a big fan of Cava Brut Nature and only from certain producers. I enjoy fruity rosados and just love Cabernet Suavignon and Xarel.lo whites. When it comes to reds I like fruity and slightly oaked cabs and tempranillos.

For future grape escapes and IWINETCswould just love to discover Argentina, Chile, Hungary, Romania and South Africa – oh and CA of course!

Anthony will be delivering a workshop session within the conference programme titled:

Bringing Discourse Analysis into the Winery Visit

How many times have we visited a winery only to see the winery owner, winemaker or wine tour guide talking at the visitors telling them which aromas they should be smelling, what the colour is, how it tastes and so on. If we could measure the amount of discourse going on during a winery visit and a wine tasting we would most likely observe that the winery representative is talking for 95% of the time and the wine tourist only 5% of the time, .if at all! In this practical workshop (Cava drinking involved I’m afraid) I will demonstrate with the help of discourse analysis how to get your customers talking about your winery and wines for 90% of the time and the winery just 10% talking time without having to gag the winery representative.

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