Carles Sala


Carles Sala (Co-Founder of SALAFERUSIC Architects) is an Architect by ETSAB-UPC, Barcelona, and MArch by AA School of Architecture, London. He is a design tutor at the Welsh School of Architecture, as well as he is the director and tutor at the AA Barcelona Visiting School under the topic of 'Bodega', an Academic and Research initiative to explore design and architecture in wine making.

Carles will be delivering a talk within the conference programme titled:

Wine tourism. Architecture and Territory.

The studio SALA FERUSIC Architects, from Barcelona, will pose the key points in Architecture and Urban Design for wine tourism facilities, wineries or warehouses, from a very local scale up to its territorial influence.

They will base their speech on their own research, work and experience, and will explain the most relevant issues in creating a brand new winery, considering the design of an image, to enhance the brand, as well as taking into account both, the wine tasting tours and the production processes, and make them work in parallel in an integrated building. A winery becomes of relevance, as it is not only a mere activity of production, it can now also represent an economic hot spot also in other fields or even a landmark in the territory, as it generates new activities and brings new forms of urban, landscape and infrastructural development around.

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