Daniela Marino

Sicilia Convention Bureau

Daniela Marino, Direttore Operativo of the Sicilia Convention Bureau will be at the IWINETC Welcome on Tuesday 28th March at 09.30 in the Auditorium at the Hotel Villa Itría, venue for the 9th edition of the International Wine Tourism Conference, Exhibition and Workshop.

As one of the main supporters for IWINETC, Daniela had this to say at the IWINETC Press Conference:

Daniela will be on the panel for the the following session:

Branding & Marketing your Territory – How well are you doing?

Tourist Boards, Convention Bureaus, Chambers of Commerce, Winery Associations and DMC companies based in grape escape destinations around the world play an important role generating awareness of their region, territory or country and are key if wine tourism experience providers are to thrive. So how well is your grape escape destination doing in attracting wine tourism and ensuring businesses get involved and become successful?

This session will draw upon a wealth of experience from the panel, providing food for thought and practical ideas for the promotion of a grape escape destination. This panel discussion is specifically designed to be a sharing session so come prepared with your own challenges and successes.

Moderator: Anthony Swift, IWINETC Director

Panel Members:

  • Carlo Pietrasanta, National President of the Movimento del Turismo del Vino (MTV) Italy
  • Elisabet Vidal, Sales Director, Champagne-Marne Tourism Office, France
  • Daniela Marino, Director of Operations of Sicilia Convention Bureau, Italy.

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