Donna Amanda Jackson

Amandini Branding Consultants

Donna has presented on building communities and networks via social platforms and branding campaigns at Google Zurich and other blue chip companies. Consultation services to winemakers with their online presence.

Donna speaks fluent Italian and consults to Italian wineries. In 2011 Donna held marketing workshops in Stellenbosch and Franschhoek South Africa and was hosted by La Motte for winemakers and enotourism.
2012 held a two day workshop on marketing online for winemakers and enotourism in Duoro Portugal at the Yeatman Hotel. 2013 -2016 dedicated tours to Tuscany and AltoAdige-Trentino assisting winemakers with marketing and online presence. Donna has had a professional online portfolio of wine and location images for sale, managed by an Agency since 2008.

Donna will be delivering a talk in the IWINETC talk programme titled:

Oenotourism - its Role in connecting producers and consumers

Storytelling is the new marketing. Oenotourism makes Financial sense- Some Case studies of success stories.
Wine growers have realised that spreading the financial risk of the Mono-culture of wine, by offering accommodation and hospitality, makes perfect sense and assists with building a brand.

Winemakers have many invariables to deal with, including weather, pricing and market trends among the challenges they face. Oenotourism apart from its benefits in marketing, also offers another source of revenue and can be managed by the family.

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