dr. András TÖRÖK,

Hungarian Tourism Agency

Born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. After graduating as a lawyer, András started his career in the banking sector, where he gained 8 years of experience in large corporate lending.

Meanwhile he always had a strong interest in gastronomy and wine. He decided to follow his passion and changed his career to work as a commis and cook for almost two years.

Combining his experiences, András joined the Ministry for National Economy of Hungary in 2013, and spent more than two years with the legal regulation of hospitality industry.

The Hungarian Tourism Agency is the governmental body responsible for the full scope of tourism and touristic developments in Hungary. Here András has the opportunity to lead the Gastronomy and Wine Marketing Directorate since 2016

Dr András TÖRÖK will be closing the  9th edition of the International Wine Tourism Conference, Exhibition & Workshop (IWINETC) in the Auditorium at 17.00 with a talk titled:

Hungary: (re)discovery through wines>>

Thousand years of wine history, an amazing variety of terroirs, yet undiscovered gems from all over the country and a reborn Aszú of Tokaj... these are just few examples why Hungary is a country worth visiting for wine connoisseurs.

Hungary is not merely the home of goulash soup and paprika anymore; just as in wine making, we can witness a renaissance in gastronomy, too - thanks to innovative and talented chefs in Budapest and the countryside. Today Hungarian gastronomy and wine production can be best described by new trends focusing on quality and uniqueness...  and not at least by the ambitious new generation of producers proud to show new tastes to the world. This talk is your appetizer for IWINETC, to be held in Budapest in 2018!

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