Gabor Banfalvi

Taste Hungary - Tasting Table

Gábor Bánfalvi is one of the co-founders of Taste Hungary (Hungary’s leading food and wine tour operator) and the Tasting Table, a wine shop and tasting cellar in the heart of Budapest. He holds a Level 3 WSET certification, and will shortly begin the Diploma course. Gábor has spoken about wine tourism, entrepreneurship, and Hungarian food and wine for a variety of audiences including the Digital Wine and Communications Conference, the Rotary Club in Budapest, the Balassi Institute, and the Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Commerciales d'Angers. In addition to growing his own companies. Gábor is also committed to increasing the profile of wine tourism in Hungary, and the larger region. In his spare time he is an avid runner, and is currently at work on a research project involving the history of Tokaj.

Gabor will be delivering a talk within the conference programme titled:

Increase Revenue by Selling Products & Creating a Physical Presence

Service based companies can add new sources of revenue by creating their own location and selling related products. This can increase the value of your services, help you create a stronger brand, and become a great marketing tool. As a case study, our company can provide insight about what this means in practice for a small tour operator.

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