Giampiero Nadali

Fermenti Digitali

Giampiero Nadali is an information technology expert and marketer, with over twenty years of experience working in the field of interactive communication technologies applied to marketing and communication of industrial goods.

In 2005 he started his wine blog “Aristide - blogging around the wine world”.

With Elisabetta Tosi - Italian wine journalist - he created the brand “Fermenti Digitali” (“Digital Yeasts”), where he acts as a marketing consultant helping wine producers to promote their brands online, leveraging digital innovations and direct communication with consumers and wine professionals.

He joined Elisabetta Tosi as well in promoting Valpolicella wine region under the brand and web site “Terroir Amarone”. He lives in Valpolicella (Verona).

Giampiero will be leading the IWINETC Official Grand Tasting of Wines of Etna>>


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