Jaume Marín

Costa Brava Tourist Board Marketing Director

Jaume Marin is the Marketing Director of the Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board in Spain. As one of the most innovative destinations on the online Marketing and thanks to the good results achieved, Costa Brava is now known as a home for many toourist from all over the world. Lecturer in the University of Girona and speaker in many tourism conferences over the globe, Jaume is a proud supporter of storytelling and engagement, and has a strong trust in the power of blogging, communication and relationships.

Marta Casas speaker IWINETC 2016Jaume along with colleague Marta Casas will be delivering a talk titled:

Vívid: The Wine Tourism Festival To Showcase A Region

Vívid, the wine tourism festival that promotes the DO Empordà and the Costa Brava region, is a tool to showcase the region and to create new wine tourism proposals, encouraging cooperation among all involved in the initiative. Origin, present and future of the festival, which aims to showcase wine products and the region through innovative wine tourism activities.

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