Maria Alexandra Galbeaza

Cotnari Romania & The Association of Enotourism

My love for wine tourism started once with my research as currently I am a PhD student analyzing the economic and ecological risks in terms of tourism. That is why I have been in the organizing team as a PR responsible for The Bucharest International Wine Competition since 2012.

Thanks to a deep research upon wine tourism in Illmitz (Austria) I realized how community can play an important role in assuring a successful experience. Acting each one for his/her own community you may succeed as a whole. It was then when I realised it was high time Romania had started doing something in order to develop wine tourism. Therefore, now I am the founder and the President of The Association of Enotourism - an NGO which was launched this year. I am also a professor within The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies. All the efforts are towards wine tourism: assuring, developing and promoting a sustainable wine tourism.

Maria will be delivering a talk with the conference programme titled:

Cotnari – The Place Where Wine & Culture Meet

Roman Emperors and Danube Wine Route aims to promote the connection between wine and culture. Case study on Romania’s the Cotnari wine region and Cucutenian Art & Civilisation. Branding & Marketing challenges – lessons learnt and lessons not to be learnt.

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