Nicoletta Dicova


Nicoletta Dicova, MW student, graduated in Enology and Wine Marketing at University of Piacenza, Italy.
Wine consultant, wine writer, wine lover with special interest in wine tourism.

I have been studying the evolution of natural and artisan wines in the last decades, traveling all over Europe, natural wine is one of my main topics of interest. In artisan wines I find a humanity and warmth, an emotional and intellectual charge, which I can not feel in conventional wines. If there is one thing more I find more charming and touching then drinking a glass of genuine artisan wine, it is to meet the person that has made it, to look him in the eyes and listen to his story.

Nicoletta will be delivering a talk titled:

Natural Wine Tourism- A Different Approach (Professional Development)

Natural wine is based on a different approach to wine making and viticulture compared to conventional wine. The main aim of wine tourism is to build an experience and to leave memories. In the case of natural wines this possibility is heightened to a different level. What makes natural wines so unique is that they are handcrafted, featuring the singular character of its creator. Natural wine tourism becomes in this sense a valuable opportunity to meet unique and exciting people, making unique and exciting wines and to create a personal contact and relationship with them. The aim is therefore not only a "wine destination" but also a "human destination". This session will discuss the evolution of wine tourism and the importance of the human factor in achieving a unique, unrepeatable experience.

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