Valeria Carastro

Etna Wine Lab

Valeria was born and raised on Mount Etna. Since childhood, vineyards have been a significant part of her life.

She is a sommelier and the senior manager of the Stradadel Vino dell'Etna association. Valeria is also the owner of Etna Wine Lab, which promotes wine and wine tourism on Mount Etna and all over Sicily.

For the past five years she has been researching Mount Etna viticulture, and the ancient varieties of Sicilian grapes that are at risk of extinction. She has broadened her knowledge on this particular aspect of wine producing.

Valeria loves the Mount Etna area, and lives deeply rooted in the various aspects of this territory: geographically, historically and culturally. She is contributing to the development of food and wine tourism because she believes that it is fundamental to the future growth of the Mount Etna area.

Valeria will be delivering a talk in the conference programme titled:

There's Magic on the Mountain>>

Valeria will report on the Mount Etna area and its viticulture. She will explain to us why its wines are unique. She will tell us why she defines Mount Etna "the land of diversity", and why this diversity is the real treasure of our land. She will speak about the current situation and the potential for growth in food and wine tourism on Mount Etna and all over Sicily.

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