Veronica Tomescu

Winetours Moldova

Veronika Tomescu is a wine tourism marketing expert, previously Head of Tourism Department by the winery Vinaria Purcari, Managing Director of the travel agency & tourism developer by the winery Chateau Vartely. Now co-founder and CEO of Winetours Moldova  – the most complete online guide of wine tours in Moldova, as well as the President of the Association “National Center for Promotion of the Wine Tourism”.

Veronika will be delivering a talk in the conference programme titled:

Promoting wine tourism through wine events, Republic of Moldova’s practice (Branding & Marketing)>>

When tourists visit a destination for the purpose of attending an event, they tend to stay before and after the event as well. That enables the sale of products the destination has to offer. Events increase the level of local businesses, fill hotel capacities, and in long term perspective, they enhance the infrastructure, quality of life of the local population and add additional value to the identity of destination. In addition, many destinations have a seasonal problem, which means that tourist flows are concentrated in a relatively short period of the year. Events can play an important role in overcoming these problems and attract tourists during the off-season periods as well. Events can have a significant effect on the formation of destination image and can help with promoting, positioning and branding it, which can contribute to a more favorable perception as a potential tourist destination. The more recognizable events the destination has, the more it is attractive for the tourists.

My speech will include the story of creation of the 3 main wine events in Moldova, unique in Europe: The National Wine Day, The Wine Vernissage and The Wine Run. We will learn about their local and international impact. As well it will include the success story of local wineries which entered the market through their creative wine events: Harvest Day & Open Doors Day, Celebration of the Equinox, Must Fest, The Cellar White Night.
Audience focus: wineries, tour operators, event agencies and tourism.

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