Introducing La Champagne

Aug 21, 2014 | IWINETC 2015 La Champagne, France, Wine Tourism Conference

Champagne will surprise you. Not only with the amazing geographical location, rich history, trademark sparkling and still wines but also with the magical atmosphere, abundance of unexpected wildlife and an interesting array of attractions that is kept up its sleeve.

Introducing La Champagne IWINETC 2015The region is located in north-eastern France near the upper limits of the wine world along the 49th parallel just 145km (90 miles) from Paris and its landscape couldn’t be more surprising – from gentle slopes rolling with endless vineyards, through natural parks densely covered with forests to calm river banks where you can relax with family & friends.

Reims La Champagne venue for IWINETC 2015Behind the history of this widely celebrated wine region there is more than we might suspect. Since the begging of viticulture in Champagne, the region and its most renown product – wine –  witnessed and  participated in key moments of history of France. Coronation of over thirty French kings, bloody battles of doom and glory, signing of important treaties and surrenders – all took place in Champagne where you can immerse yourself in history of France and Europe visiting plentiful UNESCO World Heritage sites, monuments and memorials that remind us of its epic and  rich past.

Visiting La Champagne venue IWINETC 2015©T.Georgeton-Coll.CDT MarneOf course visiting Champagne has to include enjoying the prestigious sparkling wine. Over 33,500 hectares (76,000 acres) of vineyards around 319 villages that are home to over 19.000 growers. Some of the Champagne houses are organizing tours where you can follow the process of producing wine using méthode champenoise, access their vast wine cellars craved in chalk and finish your venture with some wine tasting sometimes combined with food pairing. And if you’d have a taste for more, Champagne will again surprise you with its blooming gastronomy where you can choose from 3 Michelin starred restaurants, local eateries and gourmet food manufactures.

La Champagne, La Marne venue IWIENTC 2015 ©ACM-Coll.CDT MarneEnjoying flavours of Champagne doesn’t always have to be connected with tasting top sparkling wines or discovering region’s culinary treasures. The flavour can be also sensed in exploring this plentiful land by hot-air balloon, horseback riding trough picture-postcard landscapes, trekking along chalky footpaths and forest trails or mountain biking around Lac du Der, Montagne de Reims Regional Natural Park or the Argonne Forest – ampleness of surprises yet to be found in Champagne.

The 7th annual International Wine Tourism Conference, Exhibition and Workshop  2015 (IWINETC) will be held in the city of Reims. The Champagne-Marne Tourism Board, Comité Départemental du Tourisme de la Marne will be the premium sponsor for the event. 

La Champagne to host iwinetc 2015

IWINETC is the leading global event for the wine and culinary tourism industry. IWINETC 2015 will provide, once again a unique opportunity to build essential contacts, discover a new destination and services key to the future of your business, expand your industry knowledge and maximise your return on time.

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