Screaming deal for Wine & Travel Bloggers to attend IWINETC Georgia announced!

The 2014 International Wine Tourism Conference will take place March 28 – 29 in Tbilisi, Georgia. Up to 300 wine, culinary and travel professionals and wine and travel social and traditional media professionals will gather from throughout the world to meet, learn, and share at this, the sixth annual conference for the wine and culinary tourism industry.

Alaverdi monastery 330 places will be allocated to active wine and travel bloggers with a massive 60% discount on the price of the two day event. The Conference will include around 30 talks and workshops with an exhibition area to include wine tourism destinations not only in and around Georgia but also in grape escape destinations around the world. The popular evening After Conference programme will include the Grand Wines of Georgia Tasting and there will be smaller tastings of wines from neigbouring countries as well as a wine tasting from the 2015 host country!

Bloggers will also have the opportunity to participate in pre and post conference tours to the nearby Kakheti wine region where they will discover the world’s oldest wine culture and the unique Qvevri tradition of clay pots used to create delicious, unfiltered, organic wines.

More information can be viewed at Wine Bloggers are Wine Tourists!

Photo Collage: Mary Cressler member of the IWINETC Blogger -Media Group 2013


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  1. I am interested in attending. I work at Angostura Limited, a Spirit company in Trinidad & Tobago, famous for ‘Angostura aromatic bitters’

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