Social Media Experts Reap Rewards in IWINETC Contest

Mar 26, 2013 | 2013 Croatia, Wine Tourism Conference

Prior to the start of this year’s International Wine Tourism Conference in Zagreb, the blogger media group was given a challenge: The person with the most re-tweets of their introduction post on the Wine Pleasures site would win a prize. With a full roster of social media maniacs on tap, the game was on! Competition was fierce and the re-tweet totals were neck and neck as the final days of eligibility drew near. Rumors swirled on just what the prize might be and eager bloggers throttled up their twitter feeds to get the message out to their followers. Websites like help gain more followers and reach.

But only one blogger reigned supreme and leveraged her vast social network to pull away from the pack in a stunning victory. On the last day of the IWINETC FAM trip, Count Guecello Brugnera announced the winner at Principi di Porcia.

Melba Allen iwinetc winner 2013Liza Swift (no relation to Anthony Swift) also known as Brix Chick Liza and publisher of the Brix Chicks blog, was awarded the grand prize, a magnum of Torre Colombera –a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Refosco Dal Peduncolo Rosso. The label for Torre Colombera depicts the tower known as the Colmbera of the Castello di Porcia that housed carrier pigeons, the original messengers—precursors of modern day tweeters and appropriately awarded to the top tweeter on twitter; Ms. Swift.

Liza Swift iwinetc winner 2013In second place Ms. Melba Allen, of Wine Profilers, was honored for her good work with a copy of Nonna Marcella’s Cookbook from Goretti Winery in Umbria and presented by Chiara Tuppy of Strada del Vino e Sapori Fruili Venezia Guilia.

Liza Swift basks in the golden glow of victory!

Marcy Gordon

IWINETC 2014 will be held in Georgia from 21 – 22 March

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