Top wine travel writer, Marcy Gordon comes back for the wine

Sep 12, 2011 | 2012 Italy

Marcy Gordon of the wine and travel blog, Come for the Wine, spent years exploring the world as a travel writer and marketing professional. In addition to her published travel works, the self-proclaimed reader, writer, eater and traveler, shares her experiences with wine and cultures around the world.

A returning speaker at the 2012 International Wine Tourism Conference in Italy and a member of the Blogger/Media Fam Trip, we asked her about her favorite memories from the conference last year, what advice she has for fellow wine travelers, and what she hopes to learn this year. 

1. Welcome back! Having been a part of the 2011 conference, what are some of your favorite memories from Portugal, and what are you most looking forward to this year?

The entire Portugal trip was exceptional, but the best memory is celebrating my birthday on the Douro with great new friends and a few wonderful old Ports. Plus the folks at Quinta do Pego made me a birthday cake that was amazing and quite a surprise.

2. The 2012 Wine Conference takes place in Perugia, Italy, how do you view Umbria as a wine destination?

Umbria has incredible wine regions that are finally getting the attention they deserve. Also Umbria is a perfect place to discover many regional foods and, of course, the wonderful olive oil.

3. You have spent most of your life on the tourism and travel side of things, how did you get into wine and what is it about wine that excites you most?

My background is in consumer marketing and I worked positioning start-ups including Travelocity and OpenTable. My love of travel and writing led me to work in publishing and I was co-editor of the Authentic Italy guidebook series for the Touring Club of Italy. I started a wine blog three years ago to learn more about wine and share my travel experiences in different wine regions. In my view, wine is the very essence of a place, it’s truly travel in a bottle. The first place I go when I travel somewhere new is the wine areas of the region.

4. Having traveled all over the world and explored many of its wine regions, what advice do you have for fellow traveling wine lovers?

Take the time to linger in the vineyards and really get a feeling for the landscape. It’s what makes each region unique. Also avoid wearing white shirts, dark colors are best when wine tasting and leave room in your bag to bring home wine!

5. Which Italian wines do you hope to see in the Jane Hunt MW Grand Wine Tasting Wines of Italy?

I am a fan of Umbrian Sagrantinos and Merlots, so would be nice to see some of those. Also hope to see some varietals from lesser known regions.

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