Wines of Croatia Grand Tasting Announced! Živjeli!

Croatia is lucky to have inherited numerous indigenous varieties from its rich centuries-old wine tradition. Even today, when fashion dictates absolutely everything, even the type of grapes grown in vineyards, Croatia’s own wine varieties have managed to preserve their primacy in the total assortment in the country.

Today Croatia has approximately 60 grape varieties in commercial production, with as many as 200 varieties which can still be found in vineyards. However, in such a numerous population, three varieties stand out as the most important ones, Graševina (gra-she-vi-na) in Slavonia and Croatian Danube, Malvazija Istriana (mal-va-zia) on the Istrian Peninsula and Plavac Mali (pla-vatz ma-li) in Dalmatia. Together, the three varieties, each the leading representative of its region, occupy as much as 47% of the total area.

Caroline Gilby MW speaker at IWINETC Croatia 2013During International Wine Tourism Conference 2013, we (Croatian Chamber of Economy Association of Wineries – Vina Croatia – Vina Mosaica) present some of the most successful examples of each of these varieties, as well as several representatives from other major varieties.

Taste the place with Caroline Gilby Master of Wine on Friday 15th March at 17.30


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Wines in the tasting include: Aries (Capo), Malvazija Bomarchese (Degrassi), TeranRe 2007 (Roxanich), Plavac Mali (Korta Katarina), Silvanac Zeleni (Orahovica), Goldberg Grasevina (Vina Belje), Festigia Malvazija, (Agrolaguna), Riesling (Bolfan Vinski), Plavac mali (Jako Vino),  Graševina de Gotho (Kutjevo).

Also included in the tasting are: Sauvignon Breg (Marof – Slovenia) and Biancosesto (La Tunella – Friuli).

It was naively hoped wineries from the whole of the Adriatic and Balkans would participate in this unique opportunity to get wines and wineries known on the international wine and tourism map but sadly this has not been the case.