Buyers 2018 – 2018 Budapest, Hungary

Company Country Clients Wants to do business with trade suppliers from
Intoxicating Travel Group  USA FIT, Groups, MICE, Weddings   Hungary. Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Portugal & France
Wine Club Concierge  Canada Groups, MICE, Weddings   All grape escape destinations represented at the Exhibition & Workshop
Travel People  USA  FIT & Groups  Italy, Hungary, Germany, France, Croatia
Gateway Destinations  USA  FIT  All areas in Europe including lesser-known ones to the American market such as Hungary, Georgia, and Croatia.
Real Travel & Events  UK  FIT, MICE   Hungary, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, S. Africa
Tentours  Slovenia  FIT, Groups   Hungary, Argentina, Armenia, Romania, Lebanon, Israel
Tour Gourmet  Italy  FIT, Groups, MICE, Weddings  Georgia, Hungary. Austria, Lebanon, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Greece
Westchester Travel  USA  FIT, Groups, MICE, Weddings  Spain, Italy, France, Argentina, Chile, Australia, California, South Africa & Hungary
Global Gourmands  USA Groups   Hungary, Germany, Italy, France & Crete
Cosmopolis Philippines FIT, Groups, MICE   Hungary, Argentina, Chile, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Georgia, Armenia, Israel, Lebanon
Bottlestop Tours  USA FIT, Groups   Hungary, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Napa, CA, Virginia
Far Eastern Travel International  USA FIT, Groups   Hungary, Italy, France , Spain
Wine Cruises and Tours, CruiseOne USA FIT, Groups, MICE   Hungary, France, Italy, Germany, Israel
Azure Blue Vacations USA FIT, Groups, MICE Germany, France, Budapest, Italy, New Zealand/Australia
John Proctor Travel UK FIT, Groups, MICE Hungary, France, Australia, South Africa, Portugal, Slovenia, Croatia 
Reisetraum Germany FIT, Group, MICE  Hungary, Italy, France, Spain
Winestyle Travel Spain FIT, Groups, MICE Champagne, Bordeaux, Tuscany, Piemonte, Tokjai, Mendoza, Colchagua, Napa Valley, Stellenbosch
GrapeHops Tours USA Groups Spain, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Portugal, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria
European Sojourns  USA FIT, Groups Hungary, Austria, Italy
Food & Wine Travel Australia FIT France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Hungary
Transeagle Vacations  USA FIT, Groups, MICE, Weddings Spain, France, Italy, Australia, California, Georgia, Hungary
Transeagle Travel & Tours  USA FIT, Groups, Weddings Hungary, Australia, Italy, France, Spain
CIT Tours Canada FIT, Groups  Hungary and other old world destinations
Huarpe Viajes Argentina FIT Europe, USA, South Africa
Paveway Explorer Holidays   Singapore FIT, Groups Hungary, Portugal, Chile, Argentina, Germany, Romania, France, Greece, Tenerife, Slovenia
Winner Destination USA Groups Hungary, Croatia, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, France, Argentina, Chile
Equity UK Groups Hungary, Burgundy
Adventures by the Glass Switzerland FIT, Groups, Weddings France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Portugal, Austria, South Africa, Australia, NZ
Fionson Group HK Groups Hungary
Paesaggio Sicilia Italy Groups Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Slovakia & other emerging destinations
Thomas Schilde Sport+Reisen Germany FIT, Groups Danubia, Austria, France
Arttours   Germany Groups & MICE Hungary, Spain, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Slovakia
Quotient TravelPlanner   Singapore FIT Hungary, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Georgia, Napa and Sonoma Valley, NZ, Chile
Spender travel Denmark Groups France, Italy, Hungary
TOO "Global Visa Service"  Kazakhstan Groups, MICE, Weddings Hungary, Austria, Georgia, Italy, Spain & Portugal
Alaman Consulting Austria Groups, MICE, Weddings Hungary, Georgia, France, Spain & Italy
Select Wines USA Other Hungary
Sports Incentives Conventions International France Groups, MICE All in Europe
Gourmet Wine Travel Switzerland Groups Hungary, Italy, France, Macedonia, Georgia, Croatia, South Africa
Alacarta Luxury Wine & Gourmet Tours  Spain FIT, Groups, MICE Tokaj, Eger, Balaton Lake, Budapest
GolfculTour Germany FIT, Groups Hungary, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and South Africa
Samora Travel Netherlands FIT Hungary, Slovenia, Tuscany, Sicily, Veneto, Umbria, Greece
The Travel Authoirty USA FIT Hungary, Spain, France, Italy
Den Jyske Vinskole Denmark Groups Hungary, Spain, Italy, France
Gourmet Rejser Denmark Groups Hungary, Spain, Italy, France
KonferensBolaget Sweden Groups, MICE Besides Hungary, Southern Spain, England, Montenegro and South America
Wine Tourism Australia Australia FIT, Other Hungary, South Africa, Europe, Canada, South America
Girside UK Group Hungary, Spain, Italy, France,South Africa

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