Tours – 2018 Budapest, Hungary

Pre, during & post IWINETC tours

IWINETC Hungary 2018 is delighted to offer conference delegates the opportunity to discover outstanding wines, stunning vineyard views, delicious culinary delights and steaming thermal natural spas by registering for any or all of the following wine tourism options prior to, during and after IWINETC. In order to register for any of the events listed below you must be first registered to attend the 2 day IWINETC conference. Any bookings made without a valid conference registration number will be void. Conference delegates wishing to take advantage of both the pre and post tours should aim to arrive a day in advance (8 April) and a day after the last tour date chosen.


Sunday 8 April – BYOB Wine Tasting. Join a small group of fellow-conference-goers at The Tasting Table Budapest for a unique evening of wine sharing, conversation, and tasting delicious Hungarian snacks. Here’s the idea … bring a bottle of wine that is special to you we’ll open your bottles, and we’ll share them all! (Event sponsored by The Tasting Table Budapest . Space is limited to 20 participants, so book early!) Tickets here>>

Monday 9 April –  Etyek Blending – Half day wine tasting tour tickets here >>  

Monday 9 April at 19.15  All aboard the Europa Boat for the IWINETC Evening Welcome Reception & Dinner sponsored by the Hungarian Tourism Agency Free for all registered conference delegates. Registered delegates will receive a link to sign up for this sponsored event. Admission by ticket only.

Tuesday 10 April – Wines of Hungary, horse show & dinner at the Lázár Equestrian Park tickets here >> The Lázár Equestrian Park is owned by the coach driving world champions, Vilmos and Zoltán Lázár. The resort nestles among the picturesque lakes of the Gödöllő Hills. There will be spectacular horse show introducing the traditions of Hungarian horsemanship. Conference delegates will be able to taste wines from the different wines regions of Hungary. The dinner will be served in the traditional Hungarian ‘csárda’ restaurant with typical Hungarian dishes, accompanied by gipsy music. 

Wednesday 11 April – Wine Dinner at The Tasting Table Budapest tickets here>>

Join a group of fellow-conference-goers at The Tasting Table Budapest for a dinner with wine pairings. Hungary is a country full of small-scale, family-run wineries, who are producing truly unique wines. This dinner will focus on introducing you to these special wines, many of which are not found outside of the country. Join us over dinner to get to know what makes the world of Hungarian wine so special. (Space is limited to 30 participants, so book you spot early!)

Thursday 12 April – The Eger Bikavér Experience – Full day wine tasting tour tickets here>>

Thursday 12 April – Budapest Culinary Walk for IWINETC Participants!  – Half -day tour tickets here>> Promotional code: IWINETC-FRIEND giving a 20% discount.

Friday 13 April – Pannonhalma Abbey Wine Region – Full day wine tasting tour tickets here>>

Thursday 12 – 14 April – Over Hill Over Dale Eger & Tokaj – Superb 3 day wine tasting tour. This tour should be booked through our partners Wine a’More Travel Agency


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