Press Trip Application Form IWINETC 2020

If you write for a digital and/or traditional print wine and/or travel media publication, you may be eligible to participate in the IWINETC Press Trip 2020 Please complete the following form and please make sure you mention a few potential commissioned articles that may be published. The information you provide is for our internal use only:
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    We may need to contact you over the phone so please provide a cell phone number + country code. These details are for internal use only.
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  • Please include full details on exactly why you should be selected. Each year we receive well over a 100 applications for the IWINETC press trip.
    Registration fees are due if and when you are offered a place on the Press Trip.
  • TERMS & CONDITIONS: By clicking the I agree box below, you acknowledge the terms & conditions as set out below. 1. General By completing and submitting the media application form, you understand that your registration must be confirmed, in writing by Wine Pleasures, before participation is allowed. 2. Liability and insurance Wine Pleasures or the hosting function hotel or Conference Centre are not liable for any claim of theft, damage of property, or injury sustained while participation takes place. In the event of cancellation of the programme, or any part thereof, due to civil discord, terrorism, military action or natural events occurring without fault on the part of Wine Pleasures, there shall be no refund of fees paid, travel costs, nor expenses incurred. It is the participant?s responsibility to secure and pay any fees in relation to a visa, if appropriate for Italy. 3. Participation The participant understands that his/her presence is required at all official Wine Pleasures functions as indicated in the programme. The participant shall not take part in non-Wine Pleasures functions which would preclude his/her attendance at all published and scheduled official Wine Pleasures activities. The participant shall also not participate in familiarization trips sponsored and supported by companies and organisations not participating in the Wine Pleasures event. No family members, friends or business partners of the participant who are not officially registered shall be admitted to the any part of the event The participant understands that all participant arrangements and/or changes must be submitted in writing and confirmed by Wine Pleasures. The participant agrees not to use the event for his/her own commercial purposes by trying to sell or offer services or products (e.g. advertisements in their publications or website, tours, fairs, or other products and services such as insurance, telephone cards etc.). The participant agrees to participate in the whole 7 day programme. If a significant number of days are missed, the participant will be fully and solely responsible for all hotel accommodation charges. Participants wishing to cancel their attendance must do so in writing a minimum of two weeks prior to the press trip otherwise the participant will be liable to cover hotel and other expenses if incurred. 4. Hotel accommodation Wine Pleasures will accommodate participants for a maximum of 6 nights (26 - 30 October 2020) and will sponsor meals throughout the event as listed in the event programme. Any miscellaneous charges (extra night(s), room service, tours, telephone calls, business centre services, etc.) incurred during the participant’s stay will be at his/her own expense. 5. Media waiver I give permission to Wine Pleasures to use photographs or video footage of me, taken at the Fam Trip, for Wine Pleasures promotional purposes only. 6. Concluding provision Wine Pleasures shall have full power to interpret and amend the above mentioned terms & conditions which in its discretion shall be in the best interest of the event. The participant understands that the information contained in the Fam Trip material constitutes part of the application contract and agrees to conform to all terms & conditions.