Armin H. Mueller

Gourmet Wine Travel

My name is Armin H. Müller and I was born in the Northern part of Germany in 1964. After graduation in Business Adminstration at the University of Cologne, I worked for many years in Technical Sales. Already in the 90s I started organizing Wine Tasting for other people, mainly in the Franciacorta region of Italy. Step by step I build up relationships with the wine producers. Of course I learned a lot about the way to produce these famous sparkling wines. And then I decided to enroll for a Sommelier Course in Zurich. Over the period of 3 years, I could learn a lot about wine and the wine world. During this period I also organized the first Wine Tour in Franciacorta and during the last 6 years I organized many Gourmet Wine Tours in Europe. In the mean time, I am Europe`s number 1 expert for Gourmet Wine Travel and I developed the 7-Step-Formula For An Unforgettably Unique Gourmet Wine Tour.

Armin's Speaker notes are available for download here:

Session 2.4 The 7-Step Formula for an Unforgettably Unique Gourmet Wine Tour>>

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