Dr. John Hudelson

Central Washington University

Dr. John E. Hudelson is assistant professor of Global Wine Trade at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington. John has worked as a Viticulture researcher at Cornell University's Hudson Valley Agricultural Experimental Station, served as V.P. of Operations for the Hudson Valley Wine and Grape Association, been the wine chemist of a large U.S. winery, and taught at several colleges in the Northeast United States. He is the author of Wine Faults: Causes, Effects and Cures published by the Wine Appreciation Guild and The Wines of Eastern Europe published by Board and Bench Publishing, 2017. John has been a vineyardist for the 24 years and is co-owner of North River Methode Champenois Wines.

John’s Speaker notes are available for download here:

Session 1.4 Getting it Right in Eastern Europe>>

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