Champagne Routes of the Marne

Sep 17, 2014 | IWINETC 2015 La Champagne, France, Wine Tourism Conference

When you think about Champagne you usually imagine a glass filled with pleasantly chilled effervescent. Giving it more thought you might connect the region with rich history, Romanesque chateaux and charming villages but you’d never imagine that Champagne can offer such an ample range of options to explore this land of prestigious sparkling wines.

Lac du Der©CDT Marne-Coll.CDT Marne (16)Go with the flow

To fully enjoy the natural estuaries of Champagne you can choose from tranquil boat trips and river cruises on the Marne, canoeing or kayaking on the Saulx, fishing excursions or adrenaline pumping windsurfing and water-skiing on Lac du Der-Chantecoq one of the biggest artificial lakes in Europe. The possibilities are endless.

Bird’s eye view

La Champagne, La Marne venue IWIENTC 2015 ©ACM-Coll.CDT MarneChampagne, as a home of the pioneers of aviation like Henri Farmant or Clement Ader, seems to be created to explore from above enchanting with ever changeable palette of vibrant colours of the patchwork hills. You can enjoy those views from the perspective of hot-air balloon, paraglider, microlight, high ropes or even helicopter – all those options are easily available to Champagne explorers.

On the mainland

Visiting La Champagne venue IWINETC 2015©T.Georgeton-Coll.CDT MarneYou can hike or bike or even horse back ride trough chalky paths or forest trails discovering vineyards, champagne houses or simply admiring landscapes. Most popular way is to follow the well-posted and bristled with and outstanding viewpoints Route Turistique du Champagne where you can choose from 5 different circuits leading trough hidden villages and natural parks.

IWINETC 2015 La ChamagnePamper yourself

While sipping the luxurious bubbly you can spoil yourself even more by visiting one of many wellness centres and choose from wide range of spa treatments: balneotherapy, Ayurveda, hot-stone and Thai massages, aromatherapy workshops etc. All in a charming entourage of gently undulating vines and lavishly green valleys.

Whenever you are travelling solo or with friends & family Champagne invites you not only to learn about the wine and the viticulture but also to unwind, enjoy your stay and explore this beautiful land.

The 7th annual International Wine Tourism Conference, Exhibition and Workshop  2015 (IWINETC) will be held in the city of Reims. The Champagne-Marne Tourism Board, Comité Départemental du Tourisme de la Marne will be the premium sponsor for the event.

La Champagne to host iwinetc 2015
IWINETC is the leading global event for the wine and culinary tourism industry. IWINETC 2015 will provide, once again a unique opportunity to build essential contacts, discover a new destination and services key to the future of your business, expand your industry knowledge and maximise your return on time.

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