Hosted Buyer Programme

Apply to attend as a Hosted Agent at IWINETC to grow your network of reliable and high quality international wine tourism experience providers. Experience 6 days packed full with networking opportunities where you will meet with like-minded operators and agents. Drive your business into a brighter future by meeting wine tourism experience providers in the exhibition area and at the Wine Tourism B2B Workshop. Enhance your professional skills by attending inspirational educational sessions.

What is a Hosted Buyer?

If you are a decision maker for outgoing travel and are interested in placing business with international wine & culinary tourism experience providers, you may be eligible to attend IWINETC as a Hosted Buyer.

What are the key benefits?

  • A personalised schedule of business appointments at both the exhibition area and B2B Workshop
  • Attend networking events happening across the beautiful host City of Trieste, creating further opportunities for those all-important face-to-face meetings. Develop new and existing connections in an exclusive environment.
  • Select from a comprehensive conference programme of talks covering valuable industry insights and the latest trends in wine and culinary tourism. Learn from experts, share best practice and enhance your professional skills whilst building your network
  • A 3 day Fam Trip to discover Friuli Venezia Giulia as a grape escape destination with visits to wineries, accommodation providers and restaurants.
  • Sponsored accommodation, meals and refreshments for the duration of the programme (Arrive Monday 23 March & depart Sunday 29 March 2020). Airport transfers. Subsidised flights to & from Venice or Trieste Airports as per terms and conditions on the application form.

Fam Trip Choices

There are 3 Fam Trip programmes to choose from. Based on the descriptions below applicants should specify first and second choice of Fam Trip on the application form.

Fam Trip 1: Here in our mountains. In Friuli Venezia Giulia, even the mountains welcome you with warmth. The nature is wonderful in the Tarvisio area. There are wide valleys, majestic peaks steeped in charm and an ancient forest which is one of the oldest in Italy. Carnia opens the eyes of its visitors to an idyllic landscape with seven valleys that run through the Carnic Alps and preserve the unspoiled nature. The Pordenone mountain offers slow routes which will take you back to the quiet pace of an ancient rural world. Its valleys and Dolomite peaks offer a unique panorama of rural architecture, crystal clear streams and lakes, picturesque villages and green woods. During this route, you will also discover the Natisone Valleys, a mysterious and wild land with many legends, traditional festivals and typical products, such as gubana.
Come visit our mountains and you will discover the authentic typical flavours of the plateaus: a rich and varied production of dairy products and cured meats, such as the DOP Montasio cheese, which has been produced in the region since 1200, and was named after the homonymous plateau, in addition to the Prosciutto di Sauris and Pitina, both of which have been awarded the PGI certification.

Fam Trip 3 Here on our river. The Tagliamento is the river that has shaped the history of Friuli Venezia Giulia. It also led to a wholly distinct culture, lifestyle and language. Come visit our river, the surrounding hills and the Pordenone area, in order to acquaint yourself with a unique mix of rural architecture, crystal clear waterways, picturesque villages and green woods, which can be admired as they change with the seasons in a myriad of different viewpoints. The alluvial soils, Magredi, are similar to steppes, predominantly composed of stone and gravel and formed over thousands of years from the sediment of the Meduna, Cellina and Tagliamento rivers. The world’s largest vine nursery is located in this area: the Cooperative Nurseries of Rauscedo which produce more than 60 million barbatelle (vine cuttings) a year. Pop in to our wineries and taste the special properties that our wines possess for yourself: fresh, fruity and elegant white wines and harmonious, full-bodied and fragrant red wines. The largest DOC area in the region is named after the Grave. This area extends into the western part of Friuli Venezia Giulia, from the foothills to the sea, and is bounded by the Tagliamento river and the border with the Veneto region. 

Fam Trip 4 Here on our plain. A journey to the heart of Friuli which passes through the geographical centre of the region and travels along a route which starts just north of Udine and its renowned taverns and then extends across the entire plain. Here on the plain, you will have the chance to discover typical Friulian cuisine, such as the great classics which are Friulian DOC staple dishes. In these areas, the traditional food and wine specialities include pork-based dishes and cured meats, in addition to the delicious white asparagus of Tavagnacco which is celebrated in many spring events. Visit our companies and discover the recipes which every butcher takes great care to preserve in order to produce Friulian salami, sausages, soppressa, pancetta, lard, marcundela (chopped liver, spleen, kidneys and lungs) and musetto. Ask for this delicious cheese-based dish which very few can resist when in one of our restaurants: frico. Here in the plain, you can sample our specialities everywhere, whilst immersing yourself in an area with picturesque hilly expanses, dotted with castles, historical houses and villages which are surrounded by countryside.

If you have all the information you need and would like to secure one of the limited number of places, apply today.

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