Must meet Agents at IWINETC – Italy 2020

Agents specialised in wine tourism are still being selected. Please keep checking back for updates to the list below:

Company Country Clients Wants to do business with trade suppliers from
Fionson Group Hong Kong Groups Italy, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, South Africa
Heather Robinson Travel USA FIT & Groups Italy, Portugal, NZ, South Africa
Fine Wine Journeys USA FIT & Groups Italy, Slovenia, Portugal & Hungary
Olive Tree Escapes USA FIT Italy, Croatia, Slovenia & Portugal
Vinclub Wine School China Groups Italy, France, NZ & Australia
Wine Tourism Australia Australia FIT & Groups Italy, South Africa, Chile, Uruguay, Canada, USA & Greece
Bella Giornata Tours USA FIT, Groups & MICE Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Veneto, all northern regions
SICI Events France Groups & MICE Italy, Romania & Moldova
Global Gourmands USA Groups Italy, France, Spain, Macedonia, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Switzerland & Austria
Vibrant Travelers USA Groups Italy, France & Spain
Travelling Divas Australia Groups Italy, France, Chile, South Africa, Argentina, USA
Samora Travel Netherlands FIT Italy
LWTS Netherlands FIT, Groups & MICE Italy
Winner Destination USA FIT & Groups Italy, Spain & France
The Lux Wellness Traveller Germany FIT & Groups Italy, Spain & France
Vivian V Russell Travel USA FIT Italy, Portugal, Spain, France & Argentina
Cruise & Travel Experts USA FIT Italy, Austria, Hungary & Portugal
Jetset Wisdom USA FIT & Groups Italy, Portugal, Argentina, Israel & Turkey
Thomas Schilde Sport+Reisen Germany  FIT & Groups Italy & France
Zest of Italy Austria  FIT & MICE Italy
Grape Tours France  FIT, Groups,MICE Italy and other old world wine regions
Reisetraum Germany  FIT, Groups,MICE Champagne, France, Friuli, Italy & Tokaj, Hungary
Cuvee Wine Travel USA  FIT, Groups Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Greece & Argentina
Bella Vita Travels USA  FIT, Groups, MICE, Weddings Spain, Italy, France, Croatia, Greece, Portugal
Wine Paths France  FIT, Groups, MICE All Italian wine producing regions
Ociovital / FoodWineTours Spain  FIT, Groups, MICE Italy, France,  South Africa
Real Travel and Events UK Groups, MICE, Weddings Champagne, La Rioja, Provence France, Bolgheri Italy, Tuscany, Porto Portugal
Food and Wine Travel Australia FIT Armenia, Moldova, France, UK, Georgia, Canada, Greece.
Wine a'More Travel  Hungary FIT, Groups, Weddings   Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Austria.
Meness Diena  Latvia Groups, Weddings   Spain, Italy, Portugal, Croatia, France
VIP REISID  Estonia  FIT, Groups, Weddings   Spain, France, Germany.
Gateway Destinations  USA  FIT  Italy, France, Georgia, Chile, Argentina, Canada (BC), South Africa, Austria, Germany.
Ambiente k UG  Germany  FIT, Groups, MICE  Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Portugal, South Africa
Sullivan Travel  USA FIT, Groups  Italy, Spain, France
Power Travel Germany FIT, Groups, MICE Italy, Armenia, Australia, Austria, France, NZ.
arttours Germany Groups Spain, France, Italy, Armenia, Germany, Portugal, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania, Moldavia
GrapeHops Tours USA Groups Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Portugal
Azure Blue Vacations USA FIT, Groups Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Australia, South Africa, Germany, New Zealand, Austria
Cosmopolis  Philippines FIT, Groups, MICE Italy, Spain, Argentina. Australia. Austria. Belarus. Bolivia. Brazil. Czech Republic. Moldova. New Zealand. Peru. Slovakia. Uruguay. USA
Gourmet Wine Travel Switzerland  FIT, Groups, MICE Italy, Armenia, North Macedonia, Spain, South Africa, Slovenia, Bulgaria.

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