IWINETC Grape Escape Destinations for 2021 features a packed live and on-demand content programme with 10 sessions looking at grape escape destinations around the world designed to help wine and culinary tourism professionals look towards a brighter future as our industry rebuilds and recovers post pandemic.

Programme (All times are Central European Time – CET)

4 March @16.00 Portugal – The Next Wine Destination with Madalena Vidigal (Entre Vinhas) Register for Free here>>

4 March @17.00 Greece: Discover a Delightful Food & Wine Holiday Destination with Ourania Margomenou (Margo Wine Routes) Register for Free here>>

18 March @16.00 Discovering New Experiences in the Champagne Region! with Elisabet Vidal (Marne Tourist Board) Register for Free here>>

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18 March @17.00 Wine Tourism in Umbria: Land, Culture, Hospitality with Chiara Lungarotti (on behalf of Movimento Turismo del Vino Umbria) Register for Free here>>

Grape Escape Destination to Wine for in 2021 – Replays

Explore Armenia Through a Glass Of Wine with Dr. Zara Muradyan & Hayarpi Shahinyan (Vine & Wine Foundation Armenia).

Bulgaria: A Virtual Wine Tour with Zina Sorensen & Vasil Zlatev (Bulgaria Wine Tours)

18 February @16.00 Croatia: Overview of Wine & Culinary Heritage with Neno Basic Kostadinovic (Taste Dalmatia) Register for Free here>>

18 February @17.00 Solo Female Travellers as a Growing Segment in Wine Tourism with Valeria Tenison (Sommelier, wine blogger and wine journalist) Register for Free here>>

25 February @16.00 Journey to Sicily to Discover a World of Wine with Daniela Marino ( Isolani per Caso) & Valeria Carastro (Etna Wine Lab) Register for Free here>>

25 February @17.00 Emerging Cool Climate Wine Destinations with Kristine Mansuy (Kikico Wine Events) Register for Free here>>