Philippe Harant

Industry expert

Philippe Harant started working in wine tourism 20 years ago when joining Marne Tourism Board (Champagne). Since then he dedicated himself in the development and the promotion of wine tourism both in Champagne and in France through many involvements : The Champagne tourism route, the French national wine tourism label (Vignobles & Découvertes), Atout France wine tourism cluster, the National Wine tourism Council, the European Cultural Route IterVitis, the national Vignobles & Découvertes federation.
In 2015, as the general manager of Marne Tourism Board, he and his team welcomed the first IWINETC conference in France.

At a local level he is a member of the Wine tourism Group which gathers representatives of the main institutions involved in wine tourism in Champagne (tourism offices, wine representatives, Unesco mission). Via this Wine tourism Group he contributed to the creation of the White book of winetourism in Champagne, a global and shared strategy for the development of wine tourism in Champagne signed by the main local politicians (mayors, members of parliament...). Philippe also contributed to the management of the organization of the first Wine tourism Conference in Champagne attended by 400 people involved in wine tourism in Champagne.

Since 2018 Philippe manages the Wine Tourism Lab, the first lab dedicated to wine tourism in France, one of the few members of the France Tourisme Lab network. Wine Tourism Lab aims at helping innovative wine tourism projects grow and succeed, thanks to various services such as nesting, coaching, legal of financial advises, networking, living lab...).

Philippe will be delivering a talk titled: Wine Tourism Lab

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