Roberta Garibaldi

Industry expert

Roberta Garibaldi is an academic professor with long-established expertise in wine and food tourism. She is also member of a number of scientific committee and editorial boards; among these, she is responsible for “Food Tourism Research & Trends” for the World Food Travel Association, member of the board of the World Gastronomy Institute and of the governing board of the Italian Society of Tourism Science (SISTUR). She participates in many conferences as a keynote speaker and has a long experience in coordinating and managing territorial projects both at international and local level. She is speaker for the wine and food forum of UNWTO - World Tourism Organization. She authored several scientific publications, including monographs, curatorship and contributions in books, scientific journals and conferences’ proceedings. She is the author of the “Report on gastronomy tourism in Italy”.

Roberta will be delivering a talk titled: How to improve customers’ experience for wine through technologies.

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