Agent Directory IWINETC 2019 – 2019 Basque Country, Spain

Company Country Clients Wants to do business with trade suppliers from
Iannazzi Enterprises USA  FIT, Groups, Weddings All countries.
Fionson Group Hong Kong  Groups Basque Country, Spain, Hungary, Portugal, Italy, France.
Reisetraum Germany  FIT, Groups,MICE Basque Country Spain, Champagne, France
Bordeaux, France, different regions of Italy
Cuvee Wine Travel USA  FIT, Groups Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Croatia & Georgia
Creatur Mayorista de Viajes Mexico  FIT, Groups  Rioja, Bordeaux, Jerez, Duoro Valley
Mendoza, Chile, Sicily, Tuscany, Puglia
Vinspiration Israel  FIT, Groups La Rioja 
FAB Adventures Norway FIT, Groups, MICE Spain 
Konferensbolaget Örestad Sweden Groups, MICE Spain, Armenia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, England, South America, Austria
Bella Vita Travels USA  FIT, Groups, MICE, Weddings Spain, Italy, France, Croatia, Greece, Portugal
Corazon Travel Spain  FIT, Groups, MICE Spain, Portugal, Italy , France , Argentina
Wine Paths France  FIT, Groups, MICE All wine producing regions open for wine tourism
LWTS/WineBreaks Netherlands  FIT, Groups, MICE  Spain and rest of Europe
Cestomilove Czech Republic  Groups, MICE Spain – Rioja, Catalunya; France – all wine regions, Italy – Tuscany, Piemont, Valpolicella
Ociovital / FoodWineTours Spain  FIT, Groups, MICE  Spain, France, Italy, California, Chile, Argentina, South Africa
Kunst und Genuss Reisen Germany  FIT, Groups Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Croatia
Real Travel and Events UK Groups, MICE, Weddings Champagne, La Rioja, Catalonia, Provence France, Bolgheri Italy, Tuscany, Porto Portugal
Express Travel USA  Groups Rioja, Duero, Toro, Penedes, Rueda & other European destinations
Food and Wine Travel Australia FIT All European countries, South America & South Africa
French Wine Explorers  USA Groups, MICE,   France, Italy, Rioja, Ribero del Duero
Wine a'More Travel  Hungary FIT, Groups, Weddings  France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Italy
Meness Diena  Latvia Groups, Weddings   Spain, Italy, Portugal, Croatia, France
VIP REISID  Estonia  FIT, Groups, Weddings   Spain, France, Germany.
Wine Cruises and Tours, CruiseOne  USA  FIT, Groups  Italy, Spain (Basque, Penedes, Rioja) , Portugal , France (Loire Valley, Burgundy, Champagne, Bordeaux, Alsace), Hungary, South Africa,.
The Travel Authority  USA  FIT  Spain, Italy, France, Portugal
Gateway Destinations  USA  FIT  Europe, Australia & NZ, South Africa, South America
Ambiente k UG  Germany  FIT, Groups, MICE  Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Portugal, South Africa
Sullivan Travel  USA FIT, Groups  Italy, Spain, France
Inside Europe  USA Groups, MICE  Tuscany, Champagne, Alsace, Rioja, Penedes, Umbria, Mosel, Rhine, Pfalz, parts of Austria and Switzerland
Grape Tours  France FIT, Groups   Spain and mainly Europe
Far Eastern Travel International  USA FIT, Groups   Spain, Hungary, Italy, France, Portugal.
Power Travel Germany FIT, Groups, MICE Spain (especially Rioja) and other European destinations.
County Travel Sweden Groups Spain, France, Italy
arttours Germany Groups Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Armenia, Georgia, Moldavia
GrapeHops Tours USA Groups Basque Country, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, and Portugal
Always Marketing & Travel Services  India FIT, Groups  Basque Country, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Rioja, Piedmont, Tuscany
Azure Blue Vacations USA FIT, Groups Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Australia, South Africa, Germany, New Zealand, Austria
Cosmopolis  Philippines FIT, Groups, MICE Spain, Argentina. Australia. Austria. Belarus. Bolivia. Brazil. Czech Republic. Moldova. New Zealand. Peru. Slovakia. Uruguay. USA
Girside  UK Groups Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Croatia
Gourmet Wine Travel Switzerland  FIT, Groups, MICE All wine regions worldwide
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