Ana Martínez-Bujanda

Bodegas Valdemar

Ana Martínez-Bujanda is a 5th generation family member of Bodegas Valdemar.

After completing her Food Technology Studies at Navarre University, then Ana specialized in Marketing and Business Management in Bilbao. Thereafter, she joined Bodegas Valdemar in 1999. Presently, Ana runs the Marketing and Public Relations Department. Additionally, she serves on the company’s Board of Directors along with her brother Jesús (Executive Director) and her father, Jesús (Founder and President).

Ana is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Sindicato de Empresarios Alaveses (the Alava Trade Association), as a representative of the wine sector.

Furthermore, Ana is a member of AMAVI (Asociación de Mujeres Amigas del Vino, which is the Association of Female Wine Friends).

Her hobbies are photography, reading and cooking.

Ana delivered a talk within the IWINETC 2019 conference programme titled:

Development Strategy to become Spain´s Leading Accessible Wine Tourism Destination

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